5 journeys to the United States, from 2011 to 2018, are the connection of this photographic serial. The images were done independently, without pretending to become a unit. Afterwards, when the photo-gallery “il Mondo” proposed me to prepare and exhibition I chose and edited these following pictures with the name  “DON’T WALK. WALK”.

On cinema, the filming locations are elements that make the spectator be much connected with the lives of the characters that appear on the screen. However, this exhibition it has not any story to explain. It doesn’t appear explicitly people. There are only public American places, where the camera was set on a not privileged situation, so it means anybody could have framed them.

“Don’t Walk. Walk” is an special edition that makes you trip along empty places, and whenever you wish you can free imagine the story of the people that could have been on the picture but that actually they are not on.

Exhibition done at the gallery “il Mondo” from the 14th September to 3rd November 2018.