Director: Sergio G. Sánchez 

Producer: Belén Atienza, Ghislain Barrois, Álvaro Agustín

Cast: George MacKay, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Mia Goth,

Matthew Stagg, Kyle Soller, Nicola Harrison, Tom Fisher

Cinematographer: Xavi Giménez 

Production Designer: Patrick Salvador

Make Up Artists: Denise Kum 

Costume Designer: Sonia Grande

Editor: Elena Ruíz  

Sound: Oriol Tarragó, Sergio Bürmann, Marc Orts

Script: Sergio G. Sánchez

-Portrait used for the main poster of the film-

-Sergio G. Sánchez, director of the film-

-Portrait of George MacKay and Anya Taylor-Joy,
who perform Jack and Allie-

-Behind the Scenes.
George MacKay and Charlie Heaton-

-Portrait of Charlie Heaton and George MacKay,
who perform Billy and Jack-

-Mia Goth, who performs Jane-

-Mia Goth, as Jane, after an intensive scene-

-Still-Photo. Anya Taylor-Joy as Allie-

-George MacKay, main character-

-Behind the Scenes. Mia Goth, Charlie Heaton
and George MacKay-

-Still-Photo. The 4 siblings and Allie
playing on the beach-

-Behind the Scenes. Charlie Heaton reading a book
on first position-

-Behind the Scenes. A rehearsal of the scene-

-George MacKay, as Jack, reflected on the mirror-

-George MacKay and Sergio G. Sánchez-

-Matthew Stagg, who performs Sam-

-Charlie Heaton, having a rest on the set-

Mia Goth, as Jane, with Jack laying on the floor-

-Sam, performed by Matthew Stagg,
crying for his brother-

-Still-Photo. Jack and his multipersonalities attacks-

-Focus Puller Bea Delgado, checking the right distance
of Charlie Heaton's position-

-Xavi Giménez, DoP, standing,
and his camera operator Edu Canet,
with the real bear next to them-

-Sergio G. Sánchez and actor Tom Fisher-

-Picture of George MacKay, as Jack-

-Still-Photo. Jack in the fiinal scenes-

-Portrait of Kyle Soller, who performs Porter-

-Still-Photo. Anya Taylor-Joy, as Allie, at the library-

-Still-Photo. Jack trying to kill himself-

-Still-Photo. Final Scenes.
Allie being attacked by the monster-

-Still-Photo. Final scenes.
Jane and Sam in front the monster-

-Hearty Portrait of the main cast-