Director: Oriol Paulo

Producer: Mercedes Gamero, Eneko Lizarraga, Adrián Guerra.

Cast: Mario Casas, Ana Wagener, Bárbara Lennie, Jose Coronado

Cinematographer: Xavi Giménez  

Production Designer: Bálter Gallart

Editor: Jaume Martí 

Costume Designer: Miguel Cervera

Make Up Artists: Rubén Mármol  

Sound: Laura Díez, Albert Manera, Marc Orts

Script: Oriol Paulo

-Bárbara Lennie, Mario Casas and Oriol Paulo, director,
on the stage where part of the film was shot-

-First day of shooting.
Mario Casas next to the 3rd AD Pep Parés-

-From the back. Mario Casas, on the left, and Oriol Paulo
talking about the scene-

-Bárbara Lennie, waiting for the camera ready
on her first day on set-

-Jose Coronado, on a relax moment between takes,
with 1st AD Daniela Forn-

-Ana Wagener, reviewing by herself the scene-

-Mario Casas and her wife, on the screen, San Yélamos-

-Miquel Auguet, Clapper Loader,
with Bárbara Lennie on the floor-

-Oriol Paulo and Bárbara Lennie talking about the scene-

-Oriol Paulo and Mario Casas-

-The stage where part of the film was shot-

-Picture of Bárbara Lennie after the take-

-Mario Casas on a hearty moment-

-Oriol Paulo surrounded by part of
the filmcrew of the second unit-

-Jose Coronado on the spot,
with focus puller Guillem Huertas setting the distance-

-Oriol Paulo and Bárbara Lennie
in a stolen picture on set-

-Mario Casas on set, and Xavi Giménez, DoP,
measuring the light-

-Behind the Camera. Bárbara Lennie on the spotlight-

-Inside the bath.
Oriol Paulo explaining the scene to Bárbara Lennie-

-Again behind the camera.
Bárbara Lennie under the light -

-Lateral picture, showing the real shape from the stage.
Ana Wagener arriving to Mario Casas' apartment-

-Filmcrew listening the rehearsal
of Mario Casas and Ana Wagener-

-Oriol Paulo giving last indications to Mario Casas
and Ana Wagener,next to Ruben Mármol, make-up artist-

-Ana Wagener and Mario Casas,
with headphones in a way to concentrate himself.
On the right, the taylor checking the shirt for camera-

-Close-up shot to Mario Casas.
Albert Carreras, camera operator-

-Ana Wagener and Jose Coronado on the stage-

-Oriol Paulo checking the frame with the viewfinder,
and Xavi Giménez DoP joking behind him-

-Selfportrait with Bárbara Lennie-

-Filming Location: La Vall de Núria-

-Mario Casas on set.
Jordi Rins, graphic designer, did a nice teaserposter
from this photography-

-Oriol Paulo and Xavi Giménez, DoP-

-Oriol Paulo giving indications to Mario Casas,
on the train that brought us up the mountain-

-Mario Casas on the set.
Filming Location. Vall de Núria-

-Mario Casas and Oriol Paulo-

-Bárbara Lennie, having a rest on the set-

-Wrap moment for Bárbara Lennie.
On the picture being huged by Oriol Paulo,
and all the filmcrew around clapping her-

-Filming Location: Vall de Núria-

-Ana Wagener wearing a FX make-up,
next to Rubén Mármol, make-up artist -

-Anna Rua, 2nd AD hired behind the window,
and prepared to give the spot to Ana Wagener-

-Oriol Paulo and his 1st AD Daniela Forn,
at the wrap moment of the shooting-