Director: Elena Trapé 

Producer: Marta Ramírez, Isabel Coixet, Marcelo Busse 

Cast: Alexandra Jiménez, Miki Esparbé, Isak Férriz, Bruno Sevilla,

Maria Ribera, Saskia Rosendahl

Cinematographer: Julián Elizalde 

Costume Designer: Marta Murillo 

Editor: Liana Artigal  

Production Designer: Vanessa Locke, Nora Willy 

Make Up Artists: Danae Gatell  

Sound: Jordi Rossinyol, Albert Manera

Script: Elena Trapé, Miguel Ibáñez, Josan Hatero

-Alexandra Jiménez, who plays Olivia,
main character of the film-

-Miki Esparbé, who performs Comas,
the guy who everybody is looking for-

-Elena Trapé, director of the film-

-Bruno Sevilla, Maria Ribera and Isak Férriz,
who perform Eloi, Ana and Guille.

-Portrait used for the main poster-

-Saskia Rosendahl, who performs Comas'
german girlfriend-

-The moment when Saskia finished the shooting
and was huged by Alexandra Jiménez-

-Comas, arriving at his apartment-

-Street Photography from an outdoors location-

-Elena Trapé, director, with Julián Elizalde, DoP,
and more filmcrew checking the take at Leipzig's airport-

-Elena Trapé and Julián Elizalde on the right,
and Anna Capdevila 1st AD on the left-

-Bruno Sevilla, Miki Esparbé, Maria Ribera and Isak Férriz
playing "Taboo" at the rest room for actors-

-Julián Elizalde, DoP, checking the scenes-

-Behind the Scenes. Isak Férriz, as Guille,
at Leipzig's Airport-

-Picture of Comas, performed by Miki Esparbé-

-Waiting for the train at Prinzenstrasse.
A reduced filmcrew came into the wagon
to film an scene-

-Alexandra Jiménez, as Olivia.
Final scenes-

-Behind the Scenes. Guille at Comas' apartment.

-Elena Trapé and Miki Esparbé joking between takes-

-Picture of Miki Esparbé-

-The 4 friends arriving at Berlin to visit
his old friend Comas.
First scenes-

-Isak Férriz and Maria Ribera surrounded by filmcrew
at Mehringdamm-

-Filming Location: Berlin-

-Alexandra Jiménez, on her role of Olivia-